Supported by Leica Fotografie International



    Thanks to our models David Tang, Lechaw Oluyede, Sascha Nedelko, Phil Wildschütz, Dan Cameron, Nicholas Peters, Viktors Dundurs, Malte Kuehl, Jaeyong Hwang, Enzo Brumm, Silas Winter, Jason-Philipp Grotjahn, Justus Hunfeld, Nasan Fitz-Henley, Finn Hübner, Florian Howe, Vadim Ivanov, Andreas Praeg, Leonard Grossmann, Charlie Buirski, Philipp Mühlenberg, Gavin Hochreuter, Konstantin Tuludis – for their time, patience and courage.

    Thanks to their agents Yannis Nikolaou of Place Models. To Alexa Streck and Lena-Pauline Koczy of PMA Promod Model Agency. Thanks to Claudia Midolo, Meilyn Bahr and Christian Köller of Modelwerk. Thanks to Christian Kleffner of The Special, to Yinon Münz of theSQUIREmgmt and to the whole team of MD Management.

    Thanks to LFI (Leica Fotografie International) – represented by Frank P. Lohstöter and Edyta Pokrywka. For their immense support and leap of faith.

    Thanks to Michael Kraft and the team of 711rent Hamburg and Jörg Maier of Knackscharf Rent for bringing light to the matter.

    Thanks to Cathrin Bauendahl and Christian Branscheidt of Elektronische Schönheit for their vast technical and artistic expertise.

    Special thanks to Sven Kacirek for the wonderful music he composes.